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With modern day stress, there are more women than men that report low or lack of sexual interest, arousal and satisfaction. However, women have more potential for increasing satisfaction and even achieving multiple orgasms.
The Pink Pill is a unique non-prescription formulation of natural herbs and Phytonutrients that helps to increase a woman s sexual desire and function.
With today s stressful lifestyles, balancing a demanding work and home life, maintaining a healthy diet, constant responsibilities and fatigue have a negative effect on your sexuality. Small wonder that all this and ongoing hormonal changes put most women s sex life on the back burner.

Now there is the Pink Pill – a product for women to electrify their sex life.

You owe it to yourself to maximize your sexual potential, be the ideal lover your partner wants you to be and ultimately have the kind of sex you ve only read of!

No more chore-sex for you and your partner – make it the revitalizing, exquisite experience it is meant to be!

Why use the pink pill?

The Pink Pill is specifically designed for women and is formulated to provide a number of positive results including:
-Increased Desire / Libido

The Pink Pill offers dramatic enhancement in receptivity and “readiness” in areas of sexual stimulation. The Pink Pill is formulated to waken and strengthen a woman’s sexual yearning and libido.
-Enhanced Sensitivity & Natural Lubrication

The Pink Pill s unique formula encourages a more lubricated, receptive and sensitive vagina and clitoris, which intensifies pleasure for both partners. This will allow you to experience a state of intense pleasure unknown to you!
-Improved Energy Levels&Improves excitement levels during foreplay

The Pink Pill will help relieve stress and fatigue, focusing on increasing energy and excitement levels from foreplay till climax!
-Strengthens orgasm and increases the possibility of multiple climaxes

The Pink Pill effects on the quality of your climax are truly extraordinary. Intense, deep, passionate, “earth-shattering” are a few of the words women have often used to describe The Pink Pill s outcome! In addition, multiple orgasms are achieved at a higher rate.

Also, The Pink Pill:
-Intensifies sexual pleasure overall &
-Creates more frequent interest in, and enjoyment of love making


The Pink Pill s proprietary blend is one of the most effective formulas available without a prescription. Only the highest quality herbal ingredients and Phytonutrients become part of the Pink Pill blend. Beware, while imitators use some of the same ingredients contained in The Pink Pill, it is the precise proprietary blending tolerances used within The Pink Pill that make it one of the most effective female sexual enhancement products on the market today.

Pueraria lobata 80mg
Wild yam 60mg
Grape vine 30mg
Kudzu root 60mg
Astralagus 30mg
Cordyceps sinensis 80mg
Dong quai 30mg
Soybean 120mg


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