HERB ORDER closing 21st of June 2024

The Pothole Nursery 15 UMODNI, CRESTHOLME TEL 0721006677

SATURDAY’s 9-5pm | SUNDAY’s 9-1pm


WE SUPPORT: MAZARAT Animal Rescue in Waterfall, 15% of

all pre-orders will be donated to them on a monthly basis.

Last date for orders 21 June 2024, and delivery last week in June 2024.


Ajuga Nasturium Alaska
Artichoke Globe Nasturtium Golden Globe
Basil Camphor Nasturium Jewel Mix
Basil Clove Oreganum Common
Basil Lemon Oreganum Golden
Basil Perennial Oreganum Golden Upright
Basil Sacred Oreganum Greek
Basil Thai Pacific Daisy
Buddleia Parsley Curly Leaf
Borage Parsley Flat Leaf
Bulbinella Pelagonium Coconut
Cancer Bush Pelagonium Miss Plymouth
Cape Gooseberry Pelagonium No More Mozzies
Cape Honeysuckle Pelagonium Nutmeg
Catmint Pelagonium Oak Leaf
Catnip Pelagonium Peppermint
Celandine Pelagonium Rasp Leaf
Celery Pelagonium Rose Scented
Chamomile German Pelagonium Wild Rose
Chamomile Roman Penny Royal
Chilli Basstum Pea Pennywort
Chilli Blondie Pepper Green
Chilli Ethiopian Brown Pet Grass
Chilli Firecracker Plectranthus Mini Mint
Chilli Fury Pomergranate
Chilli Jalapeno Pyrethrum
Chilli Lemon Rocket Salad
Chilli Red Hot Rocket Perennial
Chilli Star Rosemary Foxtail
Chilli Sundew Rosemary Ginger
Chilli Thai Rosemary Irene Creeping
Chilli Uyababa Rosemary McConnels Blue
Chilli Zimbabwe Birds Eye Rosemary Majorca Pink
Chives Common Rosemart Pale Blue
Chives Garlic Rosemary Tuscan Blue
Comfrey Rosemary Wild
Coriander Vietnamese Rose of Sharon
Curry Bush Rue
Dog Gone Sage Blue
Dog Grass Sage Brown
Elderberry Sage Clary
Evening Primrose Sage Common
Fennel Bronze Sage Mexican
Fennel Bulb Sage Old Fashioned
Fennel Green Sage Pineapple
Feverfew Sage Red
Golden Rod Salad Burnet
Horse Radish Savoury Winter
Ice Plant Sea Holly
Imphepo Self Heal
Japanese Licourice Grass Senna
Jobs Tears Southernwood
Karoo Salt Bush Spinach Malabar
Lady’s Mantle Stevia
Lambs Ears Stinging Nettle
Lavender Avon View Strawberry Alpine
Lavender Belgian Sweet Violet Australian
Lavender Cotton Sweet Violet Common
Lavender Dutch Swiss Chard Bright lights
Lavender French Tansy
Lavander Grosso Tea Tree
Lavender Italian Thyme Bessingham
Lavender Margaret Roberts Thyme Broad Leaf
Lavender Marshwood Thyme Common
Lavender Purple Crown Thyme Creeping
Lavender Scarlet Feather Thyme Doone Valley
Lavender Spanish Thyme French
Lavender Spanish Red Thyme Golden
Lavender Spica Thyme Green
Lavender Willowbridge White Thyme Lemon
Lavender Wine Red Thyme Silver Queen
Lemon Balm Thyme Variagated
Lemon Grass West Indian Thyme Villa Nova
Lippea Tomato Cherry
Marshmallow Vetiver
Melon Pear Water Spinach
Milk Thistle Wilde Als
Mint Basil Wild Dagga Orange
Mint Chocolate Wild Fig
Mint Common Wild Garlic
Mint Eau de Cologne Wild Garlic Scented
Mint English Wild Garlic Variageted
Mint Julep Wormwood Chinese
Mint Licourice Wormwood Common
Mint Mexican Yarrow Pastal Shades
Mint Peppermint Yarrow White
Mint Variagated Heritage Plants
Mugwort Green BlueBerry
Mushroom Herb Chilli Bishops Crown
Myrtle Chilli Guero
Myrtle Small Leaf Strawberry Selecta
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